Couple of weeks ago I tried one of those healhty snacks and decided to make it myself.I modified the recipe slightly using ingredient I had at home and came out yummy.

All I used was:

  1. dates 48%
  2. cashews 24%
  3. raisins 18%
  4. cocoa 4%
  5. coconut spread 4%
  6. quinoa flour

It’s slightly different from the original ingredients but I as mentioned earlier I used only what I had on hand without unnecessary expenses.2016-07-27 13.54.27

As I didn’t have any desiccated coconut I used coconut spread instead but I would definitely add some if I had any as I was missing that coconut kick 😉

Here’s few photos and very quick instructions:

Mix all ingredient in a bowl and blend it until smooth. I used my juice extractor as it works great for making peanut and coconut butter as well. Once blended shape it and cut to small pieces. Roll in your choice of flour (I had quinoa flour as I had no rice flour at home).

Store in refrigerator. Shake off excess flour and enjoy 😉